Brownie Points//

Brownie Point: hypothetical social currency, which can be acquired by doing good deeds or earning favor in the eyes of another, often one’s superior. Or, points and miles you gain out of ninja travel hacking techniques to travel the globe for next to nothing.


For Millennials, travel seemingly shoots high up among the priorities list for most of us. We are a spontaneous type of species–While we work hard, we also crave the ability to hop on a plane on a whim and see everything that the world has to offer, whether deserted beaches in South America or far out, extreme metropolises in Asia.

2 things stop us:

  1. Time

  2. Money

Let’s talk about time for a second. If you live the life of a working professional, you might be familiar with how difficult it can be to plan trips. Even with perks like unlimited PTO policies, it can be hard to find the time to take the multi-week vacations you’ve been dreaming about, as to your employer they may seem more like sabbaticals. Or, you may have other priorities in your life that you need to devote time to first before even considering that 3 week trip to Europe. All fair. I can’t help here as everyone’s situation is different.

Ah, but money!


Here is where we find the largest fallacy in the travel game. “I want to travel, but it’s too expensive” is something heard all too often, but is just not true!

Brownie Points Travel exists to show you how to hack travel by earning and redeeming points/miles from banks, credit cards, airline programs, and hotel programs to get you closer to your travel dreams. In it you can find:

  • Strategies to earn lucrative sign up offers from credit cards available in the US
  • Resources to optimize the best ways to redeem points for travel, including in First, Business, and Premium Economy cabins

So…What sets you apart from The Points Guy, Doctor of Credit, and all those other points and miles sites?

Good question! A couple things

  • This blog is initially meant to be for friends, family, and casual readers–it is being built with the U.S. west coast traveler in mind, primarily those who’s home airport base is SFO and secondarily those who’s base is LAX. Posts, resources, news, etc. will be made with this focus.
  • I dont make affiliate money on this blog. Ever wonder why The Points Guy and countless others push the Chase Sapphire Preferred card so much? It’s because they get paid for every application they generate. This blog is meant to be unbiased news and information that can bring all the facts to the west coast traveler.



So that’s really it! Let’s have at it and happy travel hacking!

**Edit 5/8/2016**–Brownie Points Travel is now registered as ! 🙂


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