Datapoints: Chase not enforcing 5/24 rule on Cobrand, Business cards YET



There has been a lot of talk in the game recently about Chase clamping down on people who have lots of credit cards. The news has not been good, as the infamous “5/24” rule has been a huge thorn in our sides- the rule goes as follows:

If you have applied for 5 credit cards (from ANY bank or banks) in the last 24 months, you will be automatically denied for a new Chase credit card.

Yeah…read it and weep. Funnily enough, this affects 2 people on very different ends of the credit spectrum: those who “churn” cards and own lots of them as a hobby and manage their credit meticulously , and those who are just plan desperate and irresponsible with their credit.

Say goodbye to getting approved for these cards if you have applied for over 5 credit cards in the last 2 years 😦


Note that it doesnt matter if you were approved for those 5 cards, you just need to have applied and triggered a hard pull. In simple terms, Chase can see exactly how many credit cards youve applied for from every bank (not just Chase) because when they pull your credit report, all the info is there in plain sight. They take the amount of “hard pulls” you have on your report and make the judgement call from there. Chase primarily pulls from Equifax, so if you have a Credit Karma account, you can log in and easily see how many hard pulls you’ve have under your Equifax report. If the number if over 5 in the last (rolling) 24 months, Chase is not approving you for any more credit cards.

Alas, some solace: While this rule has already gone into affect for their core cards (Chase Sapphire, Sapphire Preferred, Freedom, Freedom Unlimited, and Slate), they have not gone into affect for either Business or Co-Brand cards (yet).

So, you are still safe and will not be under the claw of Chase scrutiny if you apply for any of their core business or co-brand cards.

Business cards include:

  • Chase Ink Plus: Currently at 60,000 sign up bonus offer after spending $5000 on the card in the first 3 months
  • Chase Ink Cash: Currently at $200 back after $3000 spend in 3 months

Co-brand cards include:

  • Chase Southwest cards (Personl Plus, Personal Premier, Business Plus, Business Premier)
  • Chase United cards (MileagePlus Explorer, MileagePlus Club)
  • Chase Marriott cards (Marriott Rewards)
  • Chase Disney cards
  • Chase Amazon cards


Chase was supposed to have put the 5/24 rule into effect in the March/April timeframe, but they have not yet, giving you more time to apply and get approved for the cards that makes sense for you.

I know this first-hand as I just got approved for a Southwest Premier Business card yesterday. I needed to get this card to secure my Southwest Companion Pass for next year, as I am assuming after April due to 5/24 rule I will not be able to get any new Chase cards, ever!

So– if you are over 5/24 and you need a new Chase card (and you probably do–Chase has one of the best rewards programs in the entire rewards industry) — you need to get on it, now!


Happy travel hacking!




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