MANY Reports indicating Chase 5/24 rule has gone into effect for most cobrand cards

Chase pulled the ultimate troll move today and launched their infamous 5/24 rule for most co-brand cards in their arsenal on 5/24, of all days. Now, most co-brand cards are under the 5/24 rule, so be cautious before applying (you don’t want to waste a hard pull on your credit report if you know you are going to get denied).If true, this is the major Chase churning apocalypse that we’ve all been slowly preparing for, every since Chase launched the rule for it’s name brand consumer cards (Sapphire, Freedom, and Slate) a few months ago. However, early data points show there are some cards that will  be excluded for the time being.

According to Doctor of Credit, here are the NEW cards that are now affected under 5/24 (in addition to the already included Sapphire, Freedom, and Slate cards):

  • Chase Business Ink Plus/Cash
  • All Chase Marriott cards (including Ritz Carlton)
  • All Chase Southwest cards
  • All Chase United cards

Everything not listed above (and Chase personal branded cards that were already affected) should still be OK (no promises here, as it is still too early to tell):

  • Chase IHG
  • Chase Hyatt
  • Chase British Airways
  • Chase Disney
  • Chase Fairmont
  • Chase Amazon
  • Chase AARP

So, looks like the major cobrands are now out (Marriott, United, Southwest) but some lucrative ones like Hyatt, BA, and Fairmont are still around. Stay tuned for more data points.

If you have any other data points, please leave them in the comments. It would be extremely helpful!


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