Chase Ink+ 70,000 offer extended to August 20th, in-branch only

If you’re over the 5/24 rule, skip this post and read no further. The glory days are over!

If you don’t know what 5/24 is, you should probably keep reading.

One of the best sign up offers ever from Chase (as in the bonus has never been this high) is 70,000 Ultimate Rewards (UR) points for the Chase Ink+ card, with a minimum spending requirement is 5,000 in the first 3 months. While it’s a hefty spending requirement (relatively speaking), and there is a $99 annual fee, the offer is truly a great one as 70,000 UR points is a lot of points. You are looking at getting at the VERY LEAST $875 in value when booking airline tix through the UR platform. Treat the annual fee as a deduction and that’s $775 in value, which you can flex to up to $1400 in value OR MORE if you know how to redeem your points the smart way! Truly an amazing deal. It looks like it’s been extended to August 20th, but you need to apply within a Chase branch.

The Chase Ink+ offers 70,000 UR points when applying in-branch

The catch is that the Ink+ is a business card. This is the part where most consumers turn away because they don’t own a business. But what they don’t know if you can start owning a business in 5 minutes! Personally, I have a ‘business’ that is a sole proprietoship. What this means is that I use my social security number as my tax ID–and thousands do the same. My businesse’s revenue is less than one thousand a year, but I’m steadily growing. My business? I sell shoes on craigslist. 

SO, dont let the fact that it’s a business card scare you. The Ink+ is an amazing card that gets you 5x UR points on bills & utilities (internet, cable, gas, electric) as well as 5x on all office supply stores on spending of up to $50,000. It’s an easy ‘set and forget’ card to keep on file for your bills and utilities to rack up that 5x, while also getting the benefits of having a premium Chase card that can be leveraged to transfer points on a 1:1 basis to partners like United, Southwest, and Hyatt.

Happy travel hacking!

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