[Targeted] Earn thousands of extra United bonus miles on paid fare promo through November 30th

Another one for United– this one is pretty sweet if you are someone who puts a lot of paid fare/spend on United tickets. While I am AGAINST paid fare at all costs and the real ethos of this blog is to get others to feel the same, many of us are admittedly in situations where we travel for work weekly or even daily. If you are a United frequent flyer because of your job, or you just like spending money on United airlines (weird to me but to each their own) you can earn thousands of extra bonus miles on top of what you already would be getting for your travels. All you have to do is see what you qualify for based on the promotion.

Step 1: Go to https://promotions.united.com/bb/ and enter your UMP number to check out your personalized offer.

Step 2: See what you qualify for. In my case, I get 16,000 additional miles for $3k spend, 24,000 niles for $4k spend, and 39,000 mies for $6k spend. This means that spending $6k on United fare through 11/30 earns me 79,000 more miles. This puts the per point “by rate” at about 7.5 cents a pop, not worth it to buy outright, but certainly worth it to add on to your already paid company fare…

79,000 more United miles this year are mine, all just for enrolling in this promotion! As always, YMMV (your mileage may vary)





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