Now through 7/31: Get 2x MRs on all Amazon purchases with your Amex Platinum card

Shop on Amazon for practically everything? Me too. I always say Amazon is pretty much equivalent to cash, especially if you have an Amazon Prime membership.

The Amex Platinum gravy train keeps going! Now through 7/31, you can get 2x the points on all Amex purchases by using your Amex Platinum card. All you have to do is enroll in the offer, which you can do by logging into your Amex account online and scrolling to the bottom of the page to reach your exclusive Amex Platinum offers:

amex platinum amazon 2x_20160616

Once you enroll in the offer, you’ll get an email confirmation.

My analysis:

  • Particularly useful for those who recently signed up for the Amex Platinum 100k offer and are looking to complete their minimum spend requirement
  • The only other better offers you can get on Amazon purchases are as follows:
    • Use your Chase Ink Plus card to purchase physical Amazon gift cards at Office Supply stores (like Staples) to earn 5x points on the gift cards, then load them into your Amazon account for future use (really a genius move, but you have to be able to pick up physical Amazon gift cards in store)
    • Use the Chase Amazon Rewards Visa card, which offers 3% back on all Amazon purchases. I do not recommend getting this as a new card, ESPECIALLY with 5/24 rule now in effect, but if you have the card already, I would value 3% cash back higher than 2x MR.

So, if you dont have an Ink or Amazon card, enroll your Amex Platinum card today and use it for 2x MRs through 7/31.

Happy travel hacking!

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