Amex Business Platinum Offer Downgrades to 75,000 Points after $20k spend, But Still a Great Deal for Some

The Amex Business Platinum Card has had a great run over the past few months. Ever since the Chase Sapphire Reserve card came out, Amex has been trying to claim its place in the premium card market. Though the card has a hefty $450 annual fee, cardholders get $200 in annual travel credits and incredible value via the 50% Pay with Points rebate and Amex Centurion Lounge access at all locations.

The card had a 100,000 sign-up bonus, which was discontinued earlier this week as Chase reduced its sign-up for the Sapphire Reserve just a few days beforehand. But, the current Amex Business Platinum offer is still a great deal at 75,000 points.

Its worth noting the minimum spending required to get the bonus is HEFTY, and arguably not a good deal for some. The language reads:

Earn up to 75,000 Membership Rewards® points. To be eligible to earn 50,000 additional points, you must charge $10,000 of qualifying purchases, OR to be eligible for another 25,000 additional points (for a total of 75,000 points), you must charge a total of $20,000 in qualifying purchases.

Thats $20,000 of spending you need to get the bonus. If you have a lot of big ticket purchases coming up, including bills like your property tax, you might be able to meet this minimum spend. Otherwise, you may have to reach out to other methods of manufactured spending to meet the bonus. I won’t get into those methods in this post, but they do exist, and thus this can still be a great deal for some select people.

With the 75,000 points, you can get a statement credit of $750, but even better, you can redeem those points for travel for an even better bargain. So long as you book flights via Pay by Points, and redeem for economy flights on the same airline you choose to get your $200 travel credit on, you can redeem those points for a whopping $1,500 in travel. This is because Amex will refund you 50% of the points required to make the booking, rendering your points worth $0.02 per point, which (these days) is pretty awesome for Economy flights! For Business and First class itineraries, you can choose to Pay with Points with ANY Airline to get the 50% points refund, which can also be a great deal.

Bottom line: Though some people may have missed out on the lucrative 100k bonus from the Amex Business Platinum card, the reduced 75,000 bonus is still an incredible deal, given all the benfits, perks, and travel credits one can get within the first year of card memebership. This card is still worth applying for!

Happy travel hacking!

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